Sixpoint Crisp 6pack 12oz Cans

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Size: 6pk/12oz

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Our - golden, a little darker than straw colored with a nice inch of fluffy white head on top. This is clean and clear and looks mighty tasty.
Aroma - wooah! Talk about a sulfuric, earthy aroma kicking out of this can. This is the real deal. There are some grassy/citrusy hoppy notes and light maltiness as well but more than anything this one smells like a very fresh, well-brewed lager beer.
Taste - from the first sip of this beer you'll know you've entered the lager zone. Void of the sweetness associated with many ales this is indeed a beer that has nothing to hide behind. This bounces off the tongue with nice floral/grassy hop flavors, a bit of a mineral bitterness and just a touch of malt. Each sip seems to satisfy just a little bit more. This has a very defining dry, earthy sweet finish and nice bite. I am a fan.
Overall - very enjoyable pilsner. This is indeed "crisp" and very refreshing. If you're a pilsner person this will certainly make you happy as there aren't too many top notch American versions of this style, especially ones that are canned.
Would I buy more of it? - definitely. Great beer. Loved all 16 oz. of it and will certainly be buying more cubes!
Note - Sixpoint is currently canning four of their beers. These include; The Crisp (Pilsner), Sweet Action (Cream Ale), Righteous Ale (Rye Beer) and Bengali Tiger (American IPA)