Night Shift The 87

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Size: 16oz

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Taste brings sweet caramel malts, toasted grainy malts, with a big caramel flavor, tons of like caramel syrup, and raw maple, but not super sweet, just seems like it should be with the flavors. Then hops, nice orange flavor, it has an old fashioned like flavor to it. Bitter zest, some candied orange, a hint of grapefruit pith, and eventually a little ruby red grapefruit, hint of a resin and sticky hops, with some earthy spicy notes in the background. Generic fruity flavors in there, almost like a tropical citrus fruit punch, some generic tropical notes as well. Finish is somewhat dry surprisingly, with a hint of booze as it dries, fair bitter spicy hops really come through, a touch more tropical and citrus with resin, and more of an old fashioned cocktail flavor again.