Black Box Chardonnay

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This ain't your Grandma's Franzia. Established in 2003, Black Box Wines became the first company to offer premium wine in a boxed format. Not only is it high-quality stuff but its also vintage-dated and region appelated. Basically everything you look for in a bottle of wine...but with much more to go around at the party. Four bottles of wine to be exact, but who's counting? With over 50 Gold medals from wine competitions around the wrold under their belts, Black Box is still able to offer their wines at 40% less the cost of most bottles of wine. If that doesn't scream value, we don't know what does.

Black Box Chardonnay comes from a versatile array of top quality vineyards throughout California. The variety of vineyard sources allows Black Box the ability to bring multiple layers of flavor and texture to this well-balanced Chardonnay. Boasting a beautiful golden straw color in the glass, this wine isn't just pretty to look at. On the nose, enticing notes of baked pear and apple cobbler dance around in your glass with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. On the palate the fruit takes a turn towards the tropical end of the spectrum, where hints of pineapple and mango shine through followed by a zippy, refreshing finish. Enjoy this Chardonnay on it's own or pair with a creamy pasta dish, crab cakes or a heartier white fish, like halibut or swordfish.