Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey

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Size: 750ml

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Breckenridge Bourbon hails from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, which definitely isn't the first location that pops into most bourbon fans' minds. Yet somehow it works, as its many awards would attest. Breckenridge Bourbon is an 86-proof blend that's out to take over the world from its mountainside craft distillery.

What goes into a bottle of Breckenridge Bourbon? This bourbon boasts a mash bill of 56 percent yellow corn, 38 percent green rye and 6 percent unmalted barley, but the secret ingredient is the pure snowmelt that trickles down through the Rockies. After fermentation, it's distilled in a copper pot still and aged for just two or three years.

What does Breckenridge Whiskey taste like? Think rye toast with honey, but in liquid form. Thanks to the high-rye mash bill, you're sure to notice the earthy, spicy rye, along with hints of banana and brown sugar. You'll also notice a touch of white pepper and toasted sesame. The long finish is sweet with a hint of oaky vanilla.

This is a bourbon you'll want to enjoy to the fullest, so skip most of the mixers. Sip this one neat or over ice. Or go for a classic bourbon drink like an Old Fashioned or a Mint Julep, both of which have the power to make great bourbon shine.