Buffalo Trace Bourbon

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Size: 750ml

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One of the most decorated bourbons of all time, Buffalo Trace Bourbon hails from Kentucky, where master distillers have been bottling for over 200 years. If you've been looking for a bourbon with history, you've found it. Buffalo Trace is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the nation, and it even stayed open during Prohibition. Bourbon is medicine, after all.

How is Buffalo Trace made, anyway? Rye, barley, and corn go into every bottle of it, and this bourbon follows a tried-and-true fermentation and distillation process. Buffalo Trace Bourbon is aged in new, charred oak barrels for at least eight years to give every bottle its distinctive taste. The centuries-old aging warehouses only add to the flavor.

Every bottle of Buffalo Trace is 90-proof. That makes it ideal for sipping slowly or mixing into your favorite cocktail.

Known as an easy-drinking bourbon, Buffalo Trace has a nose with sweet caramel, honey and citrus. You'll also notice a refreshing hint of mint before you taste this bourbon's mellow toffee, brown sugar and rye. The finish shines a spotlight on Buffalo Trace's oak barrels and ends with a bang.

Want to unwind? Pour yourself a glass of Buffalo Trace and enjoy it neat. Jazz it up with some club soda or ginger ale. Or make it a real party and mix it into a classic bourbon cocktail like an Old Fashioned, a Bourbon Rickey, a Mint Julep or a Hot Toddy. Buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon online through Drizly and have it delivered directly to your door or pick it up in store.