Founders Porter

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Size: 6pk /12oz Bottles

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Brewed by the Founders Brewing Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Founders Porter is the stuff that's part of dark beer lore. It's critically acclaimed across the board by drinkers, critics, and publications, making it the beverage of choice for dark beer drinkers. Using more chocolate malt than stouts or most porters, Founders Porter has chocolatey, sweet goodness that's almost like candy in a glass. It's not necessarily like sticking an entire chocolate bar in your mouth, but drinkers of this libation probably aren't opposed to such a venture. It also has some hints of caramel for a balanced finish, and its smooth, velvety texture makes it feel like the beer of royalty. You can put on your crown if you don't mind the strange looks, or you can play the part for the evening to really sell yourself. When it comes to drinking Founders Porter, there's no set way. If you're a bottle drinker, you can still get the aroma and taste of the beer, but it's not as pronounced as when it's in a pint glass. When poured, it's perfect at room temperature, although it's still refreshing when served cold. At 6.5 ABV, it's also not too much alcohol to prevent you from having a few pints while watching the game or hanging out with friends. To top it off, it only has 45 IBUs, keeping you clear from the bitter beer face that so many dark beers cause even the biggest dark beer fans.