Four Roses Bourbon

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Size: 750ml

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With a name like Four Roses, you can't help but feel that this is a delicate flower in the midst of other brands. However, Four Roses is no slouch; it's at the forefront of stellar Kentucky bourbon. Distilled since 1888, there's a certain passion that you can't comprehend until you try it. Four Roses makes every batch with a handcrafted notion that you can't imagine until the first sip hits your lips.

There's something to be said about a spirit that survived with brilliance and distinction through two world wars. The rich, smooth taste is unlike anything you've ever tasted, and once you've tried it, you're bound to go into full blossom.

There's no wrong way to indulge in a bottle of Four Roses Bourbon. It's complex, lingering and has a full-bodied approach to the bourbon game that makes it a true winner whether it's on the rocks or neat. If you simply must have it in cocktail form, there's an array of options available.

You don't have to have a winning bet on the horses to have a solid Four Roses mint julep. Mixed with a bit of water, sugar and mint leaves, it's the best cocktail you'll find this side of the Mississippi. For drinkers that want something to bring out the distinct tastes of Four Roses, a Manhattan or Old-Fashioned should do the trick. The best part about Four Roses is that it's smooth no matter how you take it, so it's a great choice for entertaining, that is if you can convince yourself to share.

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