Hoegaarden White

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Size: 4pk /16oz

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Hoegaarden White is the beer that we picture in our mind's eye when discussing the Belgian-style wheat, or wit, beer. It is a beer that has been brewed for some 500 years and is still one of the best tasting in the world today. Soft and hazy and just the right amount of fruit and spice, it is no wonder it is a beer style that has been replicated by breweries world over. If we are to believe the stories, a small orphan boy by the name of Claes was found and raised in the brewery rich town of Hoegaarden all of those years ago, being taken care of by all of the townsfolk in turn. He would spend his days as a youth learning the secrets of each brewery, stealing the best of each until it was time for him to brew beer on his own. The rest, as it says, is history.