Jack Daniels Old No.7 750ml

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Size: 750ml

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EYE: Dark caramel

NOSE: The second youre sniffing Jack you know youre sniffing Jack. There is a very strong astringent Jack spice that comes up first and foremost. Under that strong ambiguous spice are hints of oily charcoal, maple, brown sugar, wood, some soft sweet grains and overripe citrus.


The nose is altogether not too unpleasant. All tied together its not bad, but for me the taste is where it all falls apart. It starts with a strong medicinal caramel followed by some soot and burnt toffee. Swimming around in that glass are also some notes of imitation vanilla, burnt cherry pie and a slight yeastiness to it that reminds me a bit of Jim Beam white. Overall there is a strange chemically taste that runs through the whole thing. On the rocks it tightens up and brings out a bit more of the caramel.

FEEL: Oily with some burn and surprisingly dry considering its low proof.

FINISH: Caramel syrup fades to corn and oily wood. The aftertaste sticks around for quite a while giving it a very long finish.