Milagro Silver Tequila

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Size: 750ml

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Masterfully made with a unique taste, Milagro Silver Tequila is a great option for anyone looking to add to their liquor cabinet. While you're not going to get cavities with your first sip, it offers a balance between the agave flavor and a sweetness. There is little to no aftertaste, making this a great option for mixing or drinking by itself.

One of the best things about Milagro Silver Tequila is that it goes down smooth and doesn't burn like many other tequilas out there. However, there is a strong smell so if you have trouble with the scent of agave, you might want to plug your nose.

Tequila is made from the blue agave plant and is distilled for varying amounts of time, depending on the type of tequila and the maker's preference. According to the laws in Mexico, tequila is only allowed to be produced in and around Jalisco, and select other areas. While the alcohol content can range between 31 percent and 55 percent alcohol content, it generally sits around 38 percent.

While you can drink this tequila by itself, it also pairs well with a huge variety of other drinks to give you outstanding cocktails.

Go for something classic with a margarita. Combine two parts Milagro Silver, three-quarters parts agave nectar or simple syrup and one-part lime juice for a refreshing drink. Another great standard tequila drink to try is the tequila sunrise. Mix one-part tequila, one-third part grenadine and two-thirds part orange juice.