Nine Pine Ginger Cider

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Size: 4pk/12oz

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6.7% ABV

Do not trust the deceptively mild, hazy yellow appearance of Nine Pin's Ginger Cider: put simply, it is intense. Though it looks very similar to the Signature, a quintessential cider, that is where the similarities end. As the aroma belies faint freshness and holly scents, the ginger waits to come through on the palate. Judging from our tasters' expressions (and rapidly cleared sinuses), none had ever experienced a ginger flavor with this much intensity. It's exhilarating; you must love ginger to love this cider, but if you do, the experience is truly unparalleled. The freshness of the root is clear, and a faint, bitter orange aftertaste balances some of the heat that takes up residence in the back of the throat. Our palates have never felt more cleansed.